Deep Freeze: What is your winter uniform?

It has been exactly 43 days since the last blog entry!  Can I blame this on the weather?  Especially the many days of  -20’s weather in the month of February!  Here is  the story of why I just did not have the courage to face the outdoor last month….

Coldest February Month

It is a stretch to blame the lack of blog writing consistency to the weather…in fact, it has more to do with my work schedules and deadlines I faced.  Trying to work on a work project,  as well as going to job site to see the construction progress in the brutal cold February month has not only been difficult, but also created the “uniform” which was not my intension: heavy duty coat, loose pants with various long johns underneath, thickest scarf, humongous wool gloves (stylish thin leather gloves were only for the October weather!)

IMG_1454 IMG_1449

Winter Uniform

Here are the photos of one of my typical February month uniforms: furry coat, thick and wide green khaki pants with long Johns (always), thick furry scarf, and the winter boots. This particular day, I was heading out to the job site to discuss the work progress with the contractors.  Although, my outfit “planning” was entirely done due to weather condition, once I got to the job site, I realized I matched the contractors’ uniforms!.  They had their own uniforms: thick winter coat, scarf, humongous gloves and boots!  Well, I felt like “one of the guys”….if I am not mistaken, I felt the job site meeting went more smoothly with lots of “yes, it can be done” comments compared to warmer days.

It is the third day of March today, and I am so tired of wearing the uniform!  It is still freezing….-10’s. (I guess it is a balmy weather next to -20’s I experience a couple of days ago.  It would be great to wear my furry coat without having to wear thick sweater and coordinated with pants plus long Johns combination!  In fact, I love my furry coat which I had over 20 years…it is going back to my university years. Although the faux-fur coats seem to be back in fashion these days, it was not the case in those days, especially for the university student.

IMG_1440 IMG_1442

What’s the weather like in Brazil?

Back in 2013, I wrote a blog entry about the oldest item in my closet.  I guess this fur coat would be the second one next it.  I don’t consider myself as a particularly a sentimental person, but when it comes to this coat, I just could not get rid of even with all the ripped linings inside, and I decided to give a new life to the coat by adding the bright red lining.

What has been your uniform due to weather?  It would be great to hear from the readers in Brazil, who has been reading my blog consistently!  I would love to hear from you. Thanks.

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