The Birds And The Bees (No, Not That!) And The Design Of The Natural Landscape

Spring (dramatic pause) is almost here. There’s even a spring in my step as the temperatures rise this week. Even though the official first day of spring isn’t until a month from now, the sun has definitely started coming up early and setting late. People seem just a tad more cheerful, and outdoor events seem a lot more popular. Some things are better done in bright sunlight, pretty flowers, and great company, right?

Groundhog day is one of the more adorable reminders that Spring might be coming, and luckily, this year, Ontario’s Wiarton Willie prediction was greeted with loud cheers- an early Spring! Yes!

Along with a super cute furry four-legged friend to console us that Winter is almost over, you must acknowledge that the talk of Spring cleaning, and plants are wafting in the air. Trees and flowers are maybe the most important part of Spring. It reminds us that things are blooming, starting with a fresh crisp morning mist.

A natural landscape is so integral to urban planning and so beneficial to architecture, but can be so easily overlooked and underappreciated. But sometimes all it takes is large green space with minimal landscaping.

This spring, let’s aim to have more picnics on perfectly manicured green lawns under a soft cool shade of an oak tree.



Other times, we want to physically interact with the landscape itself. Something more inclusive. This makes us feel like nature has an active role in our lifestyle. Just being there to admire a landscape is not the same as experiencing and utilising a space.

What’s better than walking through a hedge maze? Looking over your shoulder at your friend and blissfully smiling, “isn’t it such a nice day out?”



Of course, it’s not Spring without the mention of the very tempting dip in brisk cold waters. Especially once it’s more near May or June. The always regrettable debate, “is it warm enough to go in yet?”  Have no fear, landscape designers recognize the importance of water bodies as a crucial element of pleasant public spaces. It is so especially nice to sit near a fountain while basking in sunlight.

It is especially nice to sit near a fountain while basking in sunlight, listening to the trinkling of water, and bird chirping.



Hopefully, the snippets of how warm, bright, and airy Spring is, has satisfied you enough to endure the remaining month of Winter. I know I will be daydreaming for a warmer day soon, but until then- dream about red tulips, buzzing bees, clear skies, and morning dew.

Author: Crystal Yung

Hello! My name is Crystal Yung and I am an undergraduate student studying architecture at the University of Waterloo. Please feel free to check our my online portfolio of my works:

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