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Part of living well is staying active, and as much as I love working out, sometimes it can be as boring as watching paint dry. When I had to lose weight after my growth spurt stopped, it was mainly on the treadmill. Within two months I shed 15 pounds and felt great, but I was so sick of the same wash-rinse-repeat cycle. That’s when I started looking into youtube workout channels. It was difficult transitioning from pure cardio to actually targeting certain muscle groups. However, I found the trainers incredibly motivating! They really push you to complete the video when you’re on the edge of quitting. I truly feel like I’m never alone when I follow a trainer- even if it’s just through video (hey it’s free!) This week, I’ll be introducing three super fun workout channels that really spice it up.

XHit Daily

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This was the first youtube workout channel I started following. There’s a variety of cardio and isolation workouts. Isolation workouts from XHit mostly target the abs, arms, legs, and bum. I love this channel because there’s a variety of difficulty levels, depending on where I’m at that day. Also, trainers Kelsey and Rebecca are so incredibly motivating! They’ll make sure you never give up.


My fav from them:

My personal favorite is the Victoria’s Secret ab workout. There’s an 8 minute version and a 16 minute version. It’s part of an entire series that will get you looking like a Victoria’s Secret angel!


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I’d say that the Blogilaties channel is mostly known for the pop pilaties. Pop pilaties is a super fun way way to get in some high intensity training. You’re still working your butt off, but you’re also jamming to some hit pop songs. This is an ideal channel to follow if you’re also looking to be part of an encouraging community. Trainer Cassey really goes above and beyond by advocating for positive body image and finding joy in exercise.


My fav from them:

Although it’s not exactly a workout, my favorite blogilaties video is 9 Steps to Splits.  It’s inflexible-people-friendly and has honestly helped me become so much more flexible!


The Fitness Marshall

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Do you love upbeat music and dancing? The Fitness Marshall is an amazing channel for doing cardio while having a blast. The choreography really gets the heart pumping and is simple to follow along with even without a dance background. The ideal Fitness Marshall workout is two warm up videos, eight main workout videos, and one cool down. Each video is labelled for which category it is and you can even build your own playlists. I started following this channel after attending Rave Fit classes. I fell in love with dance cardio.


My fav from them:

My favorite main workout video is Twerk it Like Miley. My bestie and I both twerk like sticks with arms, but we had such a blast!


What is you favorite way to work out?

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