Three levels of self care – Turning over a new leaf

Hi everyone! I know it’s rare for me to do a non-fashion post at the beginning of the month, but stick around to the end and you’ll see why. Anyways, I feel that self care isn’t internalized nearly enough. We can all talk about eating healthier, getting more sleep, more me-time, and less overthinking…but how many of us actually follow through on it? This week, I’ll be talking about self-care in three levels: the body, mind, and spirit.

 Level 1: The Body

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This is the base level of self care. Our bodies are the temples for our souls. And without good health, life becomes much more difficult.

Our bodies are the starting point of any fashion or beauty routine. We must be mindful of how we treat our bodies. So this means eating healthy (no matter how temping it is to grab fast food for convenience), exercising regularly (no matter how tired and unmotivated work makes us), and keeping a good sleep schedule.

Out of the three levels of self care, taking care of our physical state is the most straightforward.



Level 2: The Mind

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Self-care goes beyond the physical aspects in life. Our thoughts, subtle as they may seem, do affect what happens to us. We attract what we think about. We must also be mindful of what is going through our minds during good times and bad.

Think of your mind as a garden. A negative thought, such as “I’m not good enough”, is like a weed. It must be plucked out before it multiplies and ruins your garden. We cannot expect to have a beautiful garden and beautiful life if we consistently let toxic thoughts roam free.

Instead, we must practice thoughts of gratitude, self-reflection, and confidence.



Level Three: The Spirit

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The last level is the most difficult to live by. After all, who has time to think about the meaning of life when we got bills and responsibilities?

To me, self-care on the spiritual level is living in alignment with your purpose. I feel that life without a clear purpose can be extremely lonely. A purpose isn’t something you must have a clear idea of all the time. It can change and evolve.

But every now and then, we must ask ourselves if we’re truly living a fulfilling life. Is your career making you happy? Do the people around you lift you up? And are you also lifting them up? Most importantly, are you being the best version of yourself? If not, some things have got to change.



Now that we’ve made it to the end, I have an announcement: I will be reducing my post amount from every week to twice a month…..because I need to practice better self-care. Ever since I graduated, I’ve been neglecting healthy diet, exercise, and sleep schedule. I’ve been feeling worn down mentally as well. I do enjoy writing, but I need to be taking better care of myself so I can do it the best I can!

Message of this week’s post is not to overlook self-care and to be mindful of your limits.


Hugs and kisses,


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