An overthinker’s advice on overthinking less

I am overthinking how to write a post about overthinking!

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An emotional person’s musings on…growth

Growth is painful, disorienting, and you feel like everything you knew had been built on sand. Here’s what I’ve learned about it.

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A lesson in character- when life shakes you…

I read something interesting on Facebook and it took a long time to fully internalize. If you’re going through a difficult time, or if you’ve been doing some introspection, this may be helpful.

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A moral in confidence

January and February have been tough and draining for not only me, but many people in my life too. Lately, I’ve been reflecting a lot on something I learned while working in a “high end” *cue eyeroll* environment. At that time, I had a self-esteem issues going on. And that environment wasn’t always helpful, but it did teach me one very important thing about confidence.

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Three levels of self care – Turning over a new leaf

Hi everyone! I know it’s rare for me to do a non-fashion post at the beginning of the month, but stick around to the end and you’ll see why. Anyways, I feel that self care isn’t internalized nearly enough. We can all talk about eating healthier, getting more sleep, more me-time, and less overthinking…but how many of us actually follow through on it? This week, I’ll be talking about self-care in three levels: the body, mind, and spirit.

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An emotional person’s tips for seasonal mood swings

Seasonal mood swings are like period cramps for me. I feel them oncoming and I’m like “here they are again.” Many people I know love the transition of summer to fall. But some of my close friends and I are more prone to feeling anxious, sad, or angry over things that normally wouldn’t affect us. So this week, I’ll be sharing three strategies that have been helping me through the transition.

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An emotional person’s guide to moving past sadness

So I guess my “emotional person’s guide” is a series now. Perhaps you’re emotional like me (do you cry no matter how many times you’ve seen Big Hero 6? Is your art heavily influenced by your emotional state? Do animal rescue videos make you uncontrollably tearful from happiness?) Or maybe you don’t experience extreme emotional highs and lows. No matter who you are, I hope this series will become something you can relate to and look forward to reading!

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Relationship things I learned the hard way

Lately, relationship talk has been floating around in my circles. Despite being open about mental health and things I’ve learned in life, I’ve never talked about relationships before.

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10 traits of a fashion rebel – could this be you?

The fashion industry can be a vicious pit of consumerism and lifestyle marketing. But to me, fashion is first and foremost a form of self expression. Somehow, it has become rebellious to be individualistic when the media pushes for conformity. This week, I’m sharing some common traits of fashion rebels.

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An emotional person’s guide to letting go of regret

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the flow of events shape a person’s life. Every choice we make now impacts the sort of choices we’ll have to make in the future. There are infinite realities and infinite ways things could have happened- and that’s a big cause of regret. Because we never know if a choice we’ve made was truly the best one.

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