The Niche Wedding Ring With The Romantic Vibe

Most of my friends never thought about what kind of wedding ring they would buy before they got married because the era of waiting to buy a ring is long gone. You can buy what you like, but the wedding ring is different. It’s more about the romantic atmosphere than the size of the diamond.

The choice is generally two extremes, either the classic style of big jewelry or the little-known but romantic and creative niche style. Most of the girls would go with the big jewelry, but I just feel that is so boring and cost too much, I would like to share some niche wedding rings that will make your life so special!


As if the world is more attractive to lovers than diamonds, German jewelry brand Schmuckwerk has incorporated the spectacular beauty of nature into an Alpen Ring.

As the name suggests, this ring is a miniature of the Alps, with magnificent mountains, wide valleys, brilliant mountain flowers, white glaciers, and sheer cliffs… Is wearing a ring with the Alps engraved on it an invitation to a future adventure?

The Alpen ring is the brand’s signature piece, each piece is a perfect combination of traditional goldsmith art and modern craftsmanship. The irregular mountain outline is also inlaid with diamonds, like the sun shining on the mountain, every inch of the earth shines.

In addition to the Alpen Ring, its MEINE WORLD series pendant is also very interesting, it is actually a mini version of the globe, you can find that share a common memory, used enchase diamond tag, after each trip, also can be so marked, until you traveled around the WORLD, it slowly covered by diamond… Worthy of the German hardcore romance!

Isla Gilham

Check these gem rings with the sweet bite.

Most jewelry designers go to great lengths to preserve the integrity of the stones. Isla Gilham chose each stone carefully and took a bite out of each one.

Speaking of which, people are addicted to the sparkle of the gem worn on the hand, but little attention is paid to the inner structure of the gem. The gem that has been “bitten” just deconstructs its inner beauty, which is lovely on the outside and real on the inside.

Anthony Lent

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a jeweler who brings Anthony Lent’s blend of sculpture and whimsical fairy tales, and whose rings do the talking.

Diamonds, gems, and pearls are held up by a pair of small hands with enough imagination, small hands wearing a gem or diamond ring, ah, and diamond bracelet can be so interesting, like the scene of the proposal in the ring, a lifetime of romantic story.

The diamond ring is cut into the shape of a heart, so it becomes a heart holding a diamond in both hands. It is very touching and will make you laugh if you are not careful

It’s worth noting that the sculptural beauty of these pieces is handmade and matte to look retro.

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