Holiday season essentials – clothing & beauty

I’m one of thooose people who gets into the Holiday spirit the day after Halloween. Around this time of year, I become even more of a dramatist/romantic. December is an extra festive month for me. My birthday is early in the month, and it’s Christmas two weeks later. This week, I’ll be sharing some must-haves to looking and feeling glam!

A statement party dress

New Years Eve Wedding | Sequin Wedding Dress| Bridal Musings Wedding Blog | Cute and sparkly! Eisen-Stein Bridal Collection 2014 | Bajan Wed

I’m talking about sequins, glitter, rhinestones, glossy fabric, velvet, or anything eye catching that will make you feel like a million bucks! What you wear to a party can really set your mood for the night. And that can really influence how much fun you have!

Do you also notice that you have more fun at parties when you’re dressed to the nines?

A really stunning party dress (or several!) will get you through the Christmas events that seem to be around every corner. Nordstrom Rack is on the top of my to-shop places this holiday season.

Long wearing red lip colour

Red lip 

I feel like I never really wear red lips unless it’s winter time. I have tons of neutrals, dusty pinks, and rusty colours, but not many reds. Is anyone else the same way?!?

A bright red lip and radiant smile is the most instant way to look festive! With all the eating and drinking around this time of year, durability is extremely important. For me, a truly long wearing lip colour is one that can stay on from morning to night with no touch ups. Lately, I’ve been loving the lip stains from Tony Moly.

Luxe camis

Elevate an oversized sweater with a too-chic-to-cover-up camisole - pair it with distressed denim and a cult-worthy bag for off-duty impact.    These styles use a loose knitting style that creates larger holes – making the sweater kind of see through and very breathable, even if it’s heavy yarn. The I don't really like the thin tank top they are wearing under I would wear something different

Who says you have to put away all your summer clothes? Camis make great layering pieces all year round. Wearing a luxe cami with a cardigan is such a glam, yet comfortable clothing combination. Some simple, elegant jewelry is the icing on the cake.

This is a great combination to wear to work, dinners, weekends, and for when you don’t feel like wearing a dress on a night out. You can dress it up with a pair of slim trousers or dress it down with a pair of jeans.

A high quality scarf

   Lässig: XXL-Schal zur Lederjacke - noch mehr Styling-Ideen mit Schals und Tüchern gibt's auf!

You’d be surprised what a really nice cotton or wool scarf can do for your outfit- both aesthetically and functionally. If you have a dark winter coat, a scarf can add a pop of colour. Plus, a high quality scarf will keep you much warmer as opposed to a cheaply made one.

Even though scarves are technically accessories, they are definitely worth spending more on.

Bonus: oversize hoodies and sweatshirts

Lost in Paris Oversize Hoodie 

And of course, there will be lazy days! Oversize sweaters have become my wardrobe staple. It’s hard to believe that once upon a time, I’d never be caught dead in oversize anything. Bow now, if I can get away with wearing oversize, I will.

Yesstyle has plenty of unique and eye catching styles. It’s really important to pay attention to material. 100% cotton, a cotton blend, or fleecy lining will keep you much warmer than thinner, synthetic blends.

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