Whimsical, polished, or rebellious – maxi dress three ways

Styling challenges are always fun for me. I’m a firm believer in finding new combinations with my current wardrobe and showing some love to my under-worn pieces. I’ve had this maxi dress for about two years and have only worn it 2-3 times. To be honest, I’ve hardly ever worn maxi length anything. People tell me that I should since I have long legs, but I’ve always had trouble styling the dress. So here are my attempts at three different looks.

Before we jump right into it, I also wanted to say that this week’s post is a “spin off” for one my styling challenges from last year. I did five different looks with the same little black dress. I’m only doing three this time since styling is more limited with this dress.



An easy, breezy boho look was the easiest one to do. Since the dress is a copper colour, it already gives of rustic vibes. I’m honestly not sure why I was so drawn to this burnt orange colour. Maybe it’s because I don’t have anything like this.

Anyways, I contrasted the orange with some bright blue accents. I chose gold accessories since I wanted to stick with a warmer colour scheme. For shoes, I went with something easy and flat. This is an outfit I’d wear to brunch on a patio or any outdoorsy day plans.




For this look, I was going for something streamlined and flattering since this maxi dress is quite fitted. I cannot tell you how many times this one belt has saved my outfit. And the hilarious part is that I picked it up at Value Village on a whim! Yay thrifting!

For some reason, I really like the look of wearing ankle boots with a longer hemline. There’s just something about the combination that makes me feel really regal. Yes, ankle boots make me feel regal. I’m a military queen mm’kay? My feet feel too exposed to the wild elements (namely other people stepping on them) in open toed shoes.

Anyways, this is something I’d wear for evening plans like grabbing dinner or going for some drinks.




The rebellious aspect of this look is that it’s so simple. This is something I could throw on in the morning if I hit snooze too many times.

A thick choker can add some spunk to any outfit. Chokers are trendy again and they are so easy to style! There is not a single neckline I can think of that could clash with a choker.

Sneakers are a girl’s best friend to telling the world that heels suck for the feet and it’s nice to walk without being in constant pain. This is something I’d wear on a day I need to do a lot of walking- like exploring the city’s parks.



Any tips and tricks for how you style a maxi dress?

Let’s chat in the comments below!

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Author: Jin Cao

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