How to find your unique style

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Not sure where to start? Try this sorting system

Most people I know sort their clothes by season or by type. When I decluttered my wardrobe a few months ago, I started sorting by how frequently I wear things. My most worn things are easily accessible while things I’m less likely to reach for are in the drawers.

If you’re not sure how to describe your personal style, seeing what you wear most often is a good start. If you got to do some late spring cleaning anyways, what are you waiting for?




Signature outfits

It’s hard to narrow personal style down to one specific thing because we dress differently various for situations. We have different looks for work, casual days, and going out.

Imagine you’ve become a cartoon or anime character, so you can only wear 3-4 outfits. (My nerd brain is piping up that 3-4 is a generous number!) This small number of looks have to represent how you dress overall for your lifestyle. These looks are supposed to be the most “you”.

Knowing your signature outfits is very useful for shopping. When you have a good idea of what you wear often, you’re less likely to buy things that end up sitting around. 



Be realistic, be a fashion rebel

Fashion rebel is a term I use for somebody who is individualistic with their style. The fashion rebel has many traits, so check out this post to see if you’re a fashion rebel!

Anyways, it can be fun to get style inspiration from magazines, movies, social media ect. However, style inspiration is not always a good representation of what people wear day-to-day. Think about Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic. She has a great style, but nobody actually dresses like her! It’s way too much effort!

To find your unique style, you have to know when to shut your eyes to the media. Forget about trends, popular opinions, “current season”, and “last season”. Wear whatever makes you feel powerful and happy. If your clothing choices happen to be popular opinion, that’s fine. If you have some unpopular opinions, I guarantee there are ways to pull them off. Fashion is an art form that has no right or wrong.




Style evolves with you

During my first few years of university, I wouldn’t wear anything oversize or loose because I was obsessed with looking slimmer. I loved heels but wouldn’t wear them because I didn’t want my height to stand out. Because of my uncertainties, my style back then was centered around what I thought I should be wearing.

As the journey of self-discovery progressed (ah the transition from teenage years to young adult years), my style changed. Now, some of the things I wouldn’t touch before have become favourites.

I believe that our style is ultimately a reflection of who we are. As we go through different periods in our lives, our style will change to show that. So keep an open mind and face your fashion fears.



Sending virtual love,

~ Jin

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